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Thelonious "T.C." Capricorno (Phill Lewis) in scene from the episode titled "The Sting".


Thelonious Capricorno



Occupation (?)

Huckster, Ex-convict (?), Owner of Pop's Joint (Renamed T.C.'s place)

Episodes/Seasons on "TWB"

20 episodes from 1995-1998, 3 seasons

Played by

Phill Lewis

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Thelonious Capricornio or "T.C." is a sharp-dressing huckster friend of Marlon's who also befriends The Williamses, is always hitting on disinterested Dee, whom he also befriends later in the series. T.C. was played by actro Phill Lewis, who appeared in the short-lived 1991 CBS sitcom "Teech".

Character descriptionEdit

T.C., who has questionable past, allegedly having spent time in prison, now apparently makes a living as a huckster, and is initally presented on the series as one who is always trying to sell trinkets like wristwatches, gold necklaces, diamond rings from his often loud, ostentatious, flashy sportcoats, ala Willie "Dap" Sugar in the Good Times TV series.

Also known for his outlandish wardrobe tastes like Pops, it is not uncommon to see T.C. decked out suede suits, gold necklaces, fancy platform shoes, and diamond rings. He even has a gold tooth, which he displays everytime he smiles. His loud attire usually garners the barbs of Marlon and Shawn, who often poke fun at his wardrobe selection like Pops.

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