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Stacey WB
Roxanne Beckford appears as Stacey, an actress girlfriend of Marlon in two of three episode appearances on the series.
Vital information
Gender: Female
Actress friend of Marlon who persuades him to pursue acting
Character information
Appeared on: The Wayans Bros.
Episodes appeared in: ""Mama, I Wanna Act" in Season 2 and "It Takes a Thief" in

Season 3 

Character played by: Roxanne Beckford
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Stacey is a friend of Marlon who appears on The Wayans Bros. twice in the episodes "Mama, I Wanna Act" in Season 2 and "It Takes a Thief" in Season 3. The part of Stacey is played by actress Roxanne Beckford.

About StaceyEdit

In "Momma, I Wanna Act" Stacey convinces Marlon to help her audition fot the Tisch School of Performing Arts. Marlon begins to consider an acting career for himself -- an idea that Shawn thinks is ridiculous and unrealistic. Marlon uses the anger from his argument with Shawn to fuel his performance in the audition and ends up getting a scholarship.

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