Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams
Shawn Williams, as played by Shawn Wayans on TWB.




Bike courier in Season 1, then newsstand owner


Marlon Williams (brother)
Grandma Ellington (grandmother)
John "Pops" Williams (father)
Nate Williams (uncle)

Episodes/Seasons on "TWB"

101 episodes in 5 seasons, 1995-1999

Character played by

Shawn Wayans

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Shawn Williams owns the newstand at the Niedermeyer Building in the main lobby located near Pop's Diner, owned by Pops Williams, Shawn and younger brother Marlon's father on the WB's TV series The Wayans Bros.. Ambitious, and hard-working, Shawn has aspirations of moving up in the business world. On the show, Shawn is played by actor/comedian Shawn Wayans.

Character descriptionEdit

Usually the more level-headed brother of the two, Shawn usually serves as the straight man foil to little brother Marlon, often at times bailing Marlon out of tight spots, as with the time Marlon accidentally joins the Army when he was to deliver a package to the Army base for Pops where an old Army nemisis (played by Ron O'Neal), now a Sergeant, is a drill instructor in the episode titled Saving Private Marlon. He and Shawn often compete for the affections of the ladies, sometimes causing rifts between the two, but they always wind up making up in the end.

Quite a ladies man at times, Shawn even at one time had to fight off the advances of the building owner's wife, Mrs. Niedermeyer, who was played by Adrienne Barbeau (of the hit 1970s CBS-TV series Maude) when she attempted to seduce him in order for him to get his lease renewed for the newsstand, all under Mr. Niedermeyer's (played by Pat Harrington, who played Scheneider on another hit 1970s sitcom, CBS's One Day At A Time) nose